Hi, I'm Brittanni! 👋

Your resident bookmark maker and owner of gigi&bo! 🌟 I live in Salt Lake City, UT with my fiancé, Dan and our two adorable chihuahuas, Ginger and Bowie (yes, my shop is named after them 🥰). The gigi&bo story began in 2020 when I rekindled my love for reading 📖, and I decided to look online for some cute bookmarks only to find that the bookmarks I envisioned were nowhere to be found…

With a clear vision in mind, I set out to create cute, sturdy, laminated bookmarks complete with an eyelet and tassel. 🔖 I also wanted them to be larger than the standard 2x6" bookmarks. The moment the idea took shape, I dedicated every waking hour to design and quality testing. Quality is paramount to me, and my regular customers can attest to this! 😊 While I initially drew all the designs myself, I now also enjoy collaborating with talented artists and small businesses, resulting in a fun mix of bookmarks featuring my art and other’s! 💗

Romance is my true literary love, which is why you'll find a wide array of romance bookmarks in my shop. But don't be fooled, I have a deep appreciation for fantasy, thrillers, and horror too. 🔪🩸 Some of my favorite books include titles like Bonded by Thorns, Pride and Prejudice, Fourth Wing, and The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires to name a few. 📚

I say it all the time— I have the BEST job in the world. Designing bookmarks while listening to my smutty audiobooks and spending my days with my adorable pups 🐶 and now, my fiancé who has joined me in working for gigi&bo full-time, is an absolute dream. ✨ I'm incredibly fortunate to be doing something so fulfilling, and the wonderful community and friends I've made during this gigi&bo journey make it all the more special. Thank you for being a part of this adventure with me! 🥰

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